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For our canine guest, we have spacious runs according to their size. Our family size and large runs are 5' x 7' and 3.5' x 7'. They are roomy enough for two large dogs and sometimes 3 small to medium dogs from the same family. Our smaller guests are kept in a different area. Their runs are 2.5' x 4'. Plenty of room for a small dog or 2 smaller dogs from the same family. Occasionally, guests will bring their crate to help them feel more secure, and those fit nicely in the kennel. Our kennel is air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter.

Guests are welcome to bring washable beds, toys, blankets, etc. as long as they are labeled with their names. Tennis balls and smaller toys are not allowed in kennels but can be left for guests to chase outdoors at playtime. Shady Oaks Kennel is not responsible for destroyed beds or lost toys. We try out best to keep track of them, but please do not bring sentimental or irreplaceable items. All of our kennels have kennel decks to keep guests' bedding off the floor and we provide Coolaroo hammocks for some of our elderly guests.

All of our canine guests are exercised outdoors in one of our spacious play yards several times per day. The time they spend outside depends on the dog and the weather. Some of our shy or elderly guests prefer to take care of business and return indoors to their bed, while some of our more active guests play for hours. Leash walking is also offered on request.

Dogs are highly social creatures and, like human children, they enjoy making friends and playing with others. Shady Oaks Kennel has large grassy play yards where we encourage canine socialization. We temperament test all new boarders who would like to join in a playgroup. Only 4-5 dogs are socialized at one time with kennel supervision close by. For our unsocial or timid guest, we exercise them in the same areas alone or with family members that are boarding with them per the owner's request.



**Ask about our new day camp packages**

Shady Oaks Day Camp is for dogs that need exercise or socialization while their owners are working or busy during the day. Campers are welcome to drop off and pick up during regular kennel hours, 8am-noon and 3:30-6pm Monday-Saturday. Campers are socialized with boarding guests and other campers according to temperaments. For new boarders, it is a great idea to come for a day or two of day camp before boarding to help the dog and owner adjust to staying in a new environment. For unsocial dogs that need to day camp, we can offer leash walks or solo play time to keep them busy and exercised during the day. We provide water and snacks during break time. See FAQ's for rules. 

Vaccinations required for dogs:

Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parvo, Rabies, Bordetella (Kennel Cough)

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