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Candice Harden Hillier - Owner/Groomer


Candice Harden Hillier is the owner of Shady Oaks Boarding Kennel. She was raised in Rabun County and moved to Shady Oaks Farm in 1995. She established the business in 2001 out of her love of dogs and cats and the need to be at home for her small children. Today, her children are grown but often visit their mom and the Shady Oaks guests.


Ronnie Harden - Dog Handler/Kennel Maintenance

Ronnie tried to retire a few years ago but soon found his second career at Shady Oaks. He loves taking care of the dogs and waiting on customers. He is the one who keeps our gates, fences and plumbing working. And the dogs love him too....he is also Candice's dad. 

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Contact Information:


706-782-1472 or 762-239-8432 (text or cell)

Hours of Operation:

Monday thru Saturday:

            8:00am-12:00pm & 3:00-5:00 pm



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         42 Lincoln Lane Tiger, GA 30576

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