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Shady Oaks Kennel accepts cash, local checks and all credit cards as method of payment for your pet's boarding. All kennel bills must be paid prior to your pet leaving the premises. Fees begin charging the day you check your pet in. Please see vaccine requirements as well as Shady Oaks Kennel forms to fill out. Any pet brought to Shady Oaks Kennel with fleas will be treated at the owner's expense.

Our billing is like a hotel charge. The check in day is a billable day no matter what time you arrive. If you check your pet out before noon Monday-Saturday, you will not be charged for that day. If you check out in the afternoon hours, you will be charged for the day. Sunday is always a billable day as we are only open 2-4 pm. For example, if checking in on Friday and out on Sunday pm, you will be charged for 3 days.



1 Dog: $18 per day

2 Dogs: $28 per day

3 Dogs: $39 per day

4 Dogs or more: $48 per day

**Beginning January 1, 2019 1 Dog: $20 per day. For families with more than 1 dog the charge is $10 per day per dog additional if in same kennel or $12 per day per dog additional if in separate kennel**

**For multi dog discount, pets must have same owner/address on vaccination records**


1 dog: $15 per day

2 dogs: $25/day

*Kennel food: $1/day/dog (up to 3 cups)

*Oral Meds: 2 meds up to 2x per day +$1/day per dog

*Insulin: +$1/day per dog

*Topical Meds: Ear/eye drops up to 2x per day +$1/day per dog



1 Cat: $14 per day

**Beginning January 1, 2019 charge for 1 cat will be $15 per day**

2 or more Cats: $12 per day per cat

Cats accompanying dogs boarding: $12/day per cat

Litter and bowls supplied. Please bring kitty food





**Includes toe nail clipping, cleaning ears and anal glands as requested**

Small Dogs: $20 - $25     Medium Dogs: $25 - $35     Large Dogs: $35 and up

Nail Clipping Only: $5 - $10


We gladly accept cash, local checks, debit and credit cards



Shady Oaks Kennel Boarding Agreement

Shady Oaks Kennel Play Pass Agreement

Shady Oaks Kennel Owner/Pet Information Form


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