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(1) Rabies

(2) Bordetella (kennel cough vaccine)

(3) DHPP (Distempter, hepatitis, parvo, parainfluenza) - DHLPP or DHPPC also accepted



(1) What should I bring along with my dog to the kennel for his stay? Washable bedding or blankets are welcome, your pet's food, any treats or toys that are all labeled with your pet's name. You should also bring any of your pet's medications that they may need during their stay.

(2) Should I bring bowls? No we like to sanitize water and food bowls daily and prefer to use our own as to not misplace your bowls.

(3) Do you accept drop offs and pick ups outside of hours?  No, even though we are taking care of our boarders outside of our business hours, we ask that you please respect those hours and our home.

(4) Do you give medications? Yes, we are able to give oral meds, apply topical ointments or give insulin injections. Please see rates.

(5) Can we come see the kennel before we decide to leave our pet? Yes, we would love to show you around. Tours are given Monday through Friday 10-12 pm. If you would like to come outside of these times, please call us and we can arrange a time for you to stop by. If you bring your pet to visit, please bring a copy of current vaccines with you.

(6) How is your boarding rate calculated?  All pets are charged for the arrival day of boarding regardless of drop off time. If your pet is picked up by noon on the departure day Monday thru Saturday, you will not be charged for that day (this is not available on Sundays).

(7) What form of payment do you take?  We accept cash, local checks, debit cards, Master Card, Visa, American Express

(8) Do you keep unneutered or unspayed dogs?  We do. The unaltered dogs are not socialized in any group and must not be aggressive. If your unaltered is a pitt/mastiff, American bulldog or bully breed or mixed with a bully breed we will NOT board them.

(9) Do you board all breeds of dogs? Pitt bulls, bully breeds, Mastiff, Rottweiler, American bull dog, etc? If you own one of these breeds or a mix of any of these breeds or a breed that has ever been on a dangerous dog list, your dog must be neutered/spayed, well adjusted to being in a kennel setting (including fenced in yard). If your dog fits these requirements and is not human aggressive and not super dog aggressive please schedule an interview to meet us and tour the kennel. We love our pitts and bully breeds but have these rules to protect our staff and other dogs.

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Contact Information:


706-782-1472 or 762-239-8432 (text or cell)

Hours of Operation:

Monday thru Saturday:

            8:00am-12:00pm & 3:00-5:00 pm



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         42 Lincoln Lane Tiger, GA 30576

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